Thijs Mijnhout

About Thijs Mijnhout:

Enthusiastic and a listener

You cannot have missed it: the complex problems of our time. It is not very difficult to name a few. Think about the issues concerning sustainability, the job market, and finding a place to live. These issues are not any different for Maastricht. Our city needs to find appropriate answers as well.

What fascinates me about politics is the ideas and conversation about how to tackle issues. What can really help to make a sustainable city? How do we make sure that people do not end up in poverty but can work? And how do we facilitate good and proper housing?

M:OED offers new ideas like creating car-free streets, combatting poverty with a smart approach, and new, creative types of housing.

What is nice about M:OED is that we are always looking for new ideas. So if you feel like it, get with us in touch.

See you soon!

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