Joyce Grul

About Joyce Grul:

Spirited, people-oriented & compassionate

Everywhere I go, my passion for health and inclusivity goes with me. This translates into my goal to create an environment where people can grow and enjoy their good health. More specifically for young people. Young people are vulnerable and at the same time strong and resilient. They are the next generation that will take care of us and our planet. That is why I want to make to effort to ensure they have a good start in their lives.

When I speak of health, I speak of health in the broadest sense of the word. Both on an individual level (my Positive Health) and a contextual level (the social determinants of health). The municipality and its policies influence how we live. I want people and their health to be at the center of plans for the future. That the municipality forms inclusive policy. And that diversity is respected and celebrated.

M:OED represents these people and is committed to making Maastricht a better place. That’s where I want to contribute to.

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