We did it!

By Bestuur on 25-03-2022

We did it! We are very proud that 1000 Maastricht people have chosen for M:OED and want to welcome the future together with us.

This means we are back where we belong: in the Maastricht city council. We are looking forward to making a positive contribution to the complex challenges that our city faces.

On behalf of the party, our list leader Martin van Rooij will take the seat. This week on ‘What’s up in Maastricht’, he said: “Now we can get to work and we are really looking forward to working on those important themes such as sustainability, an integrated care approach, and housing. We want to thank all the voters who showed courage with us!

Contact us quickly if you want to make a contribution! For example, as a group member, citizen councilor, or simply as a sparring partner in your area of expertise. Contacting our group is very easy at martin@stemvoormoed.nl

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