By Bestuur on 04-03-2022

On Joyce her initiative, we created this poster about vulnerability. Vulnerability because we believe it is the key to solving problems in our time. Everyone wants to be seen, heard, and respected. It takes COURAGE* to dare to expose yourself. To start talking about the topics that are important to you and us. For some people, it’s about their right to exist. People are forgotten, excluded, and hurt. It’s time we lay bare how people interact with each other. That’s why we need more vulnerability. So that we dare to show ourselves and stand up for others. We want to get away from disrespectful and unfair interactions with each other. We want to move to a positive future where everyone is welcome.

Vulnerability is also necessary for politics. Here we see a hardening of people and systems, double agendas, and for some people the importance of personal gain. Decency is sometimes hard to find. We want to move away from a place where parties counteract each other and do not dare to admit mistakes. Parties must dare to change their position without fear of being heavily attacked. We are facing complex challenges and that is why it is essential that we work together. For collaboration that is open and honest, it is very important to dare to be vulnerable. This requires COURAGE. 

By ourselves, we won’t make it. Do you join?


* Courage translates to MOED in Dutch.


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